Sensors deployement

In order to validate the model for density reconstruction in urban network proposed by one of our PhD students, Martin Rodriguez, the team is supervising the deployment of vehicle counting sensors. This study will also allow us to validate the 2D density propagation model proposed by Stéphane Mollier, a former…

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Accepted paper at the 23rd ITSC

We are pleased to announce that Liudmila Tumash’s paper “Topology-based control design for congested areas in urban networks” has been accepted for the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems to be held virtually on September 20-23, 2020.

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Giacomo Casadei attended the “Journée commune GT SYNC et Observation”

Giacomo Casadei attended the “Journée commune GT SYNC et Observation”, Thursday 8th of June, in Paris.
The seminar was organised jointly by GDR MACS groups SynC and Observation, on the base of invited speaker, dealing with problem of observation and synchronisation of nonlinear systems. Giacomo presented his work on synchronisation of heterogeneous networks: in particular the talk dealt with the case of uncertain leader and the use of nonlinear regression tools.

37th International Summer School of Automatic Control

September, 12-16, 2016. Facing an increasingly complex traffic, optimal exploitation of existing infrastructure is a challenging problem. Control systems tools can bring here innovative and well-performing solutions, thanks also to new technologies involving a multitude of sensors and actuators. This Summer School aimed at presenting the main mathematical tools which…

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