Carlos Canudas De Wit gave a talk at Groningen University

Carlos Canudas de Wit gave a talk at the 7th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked System (NecSys18) about Towards Scale-Free Control of large-scale traffic networks.

Abstract: The talk discuss new research lines addressing the optimal control of time-varying dynamic large-scale traffic networks. The driving idea consists in aggregating the whole network in sub-networks having some suitable control properties, allowing the optimal control design to be more tractable. The talk start with a recall of controllability and observability properties in 1-D traffic network and provide a detailed example in how to partition the systems and how to solve the associated time-varying optimal control. Then we discuss recent work on how such ideas can be extended to planar networks in relation with the problem of optimization played over networks and focus our attention on the importance of the topology of the graph and its importance in the structure of optimization setup. Then, we will discuss new avenues for organizing such large-scale complex networks, by proposing a new aggregation procedure that combines, complexity reduction (scale-free graph structure), physical preservation properties, and control targets. Finally, we will present some recent (more technical) results on scale- free control and observation on such aggregated large scale networks.

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