Seminar Program : talk of Andrea Tosin, 5 February 2018, GIPSA LAB

Andrea Tosin has presented a talk on “Control strategies for road risk mitigation in kinetic traffic modelling”, at the Gipsa Lab.

He has presented a Boltzmann-type kinetic approach to the modelling of road traffic, which includes control strategies at the level of microscopic binary interactions aimed at the mitigation of speed-dependent road risk factors. Such a description is meant to mimic a system of driver-assist vehicles, which by responding locally to the actions of their drivers can impact on the large-scale traffic dynamics, including those related to the collective road risk and safety.

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Presentation of Andrea Tosin

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Nicolas Martin and Paolo Frasca at the Complex Networks and their applications conference

From Novembre 29 to December 1, Nicolas Martin and Paolo Frasca attended the 6th Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications. They presented a poster on their work on graph reduction during a well-attended interactive session. The conference program focused on network science with both theoretical and experimental works, with applications ranging from urban traffic to brain and to social networks.

Stephane Mollier has attended a Course Control of PDE by Enrique Zuazua at Paris

Stephane Mollier has attended the course of ”Introduction to the control of Partial Differential Equations” given by the Professor Enrique Zuazua. The course happened from 10/04/2017 to 14/04/2017 and was organized by the European Embedded Control Institute and took place in Paris. The aim of the course was to give another view of what is control of PDE for students who do not have neccessary background in control.

Giacomo Casadei attended the “Journée commune GT SYNC et Observation”

Giacomo Casadei attended the “Journée commune GT SYNC et Observation”, Thursday 8th of June, in Paris.
The seminar was organised jointly by GDR MACS groups SynC and Observation, on the base of invited speaker, dealing with problem of observation and synchronisation of nonlinear systems. Giacomo presented his work on synchronisation of heterogeneous networks: in particular the talk dealt with the case of uncertain leader and the use of nonlinear regression tools.

Workshop on “Modelling Reduction Tools for Large Scale Complex Networks” 21-22 Sept 2017, Grenoble

The workshop, organized within the context of the ERC-AdG Scale-FreeBack project, aimed to investigate problems of modelling, model reduction, aggregation for large-scale dynamical systems and their application to traffic networks. Large-scale systems embed intrinsic issues in terms of computational complexity, which make their analysis and the definition of control architecture…

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Seminar Program : 2 talks of Pierre Rouchon, 21 June 2017, GIPSA-LAB

Pierre Rouchon presented two talks at the Gipsa-lab on the 21th June 2017:

10h30 – 11h30 “Une introduction au contrôle quantique pour automaticiens familiers du monde classique” – Salle des Séminaires B208, DAUTO

14h00 – 15h “On the first experimental realization of a quantum state feedback” – Salle des Séminaires B208, DAUTO