Carlos Canudas de Wit at the Latin American Conference on Automatic Control 2016, Medellín, Columbia

Carlos Canudas de Wit visited the AEFIT and participated at the Clca Latin American Conference on Automatic Control 2016 the 13th-15th October in Medellín, Colombia. He gave a plenary lecture on “Optimal Traffic Control: Eco-driving, Green-waves, Adaptive traffic lights”. The conference was hosted by Prof. Olga Lucia Quintero Montoya. During his stay he had the chance to visit the Mobility Control Center and the Traffic Control Center of Medellín.

37th International Summer School of Automatic Control

September, 12-16, 2016. Facing an increasingly complex traffic, optimal exploitation of existing infrastructure is a challenging problem. Control systems tools can bring here innovative and well-performing solutions, thanks also to new technologies involving a multitude of sensors and actuators. This Summer School aimed at presenting the main mathematical tools which…

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