4 members of the Scale-FreeBack team attended the 2017 INdAM Workshop

Between the 6th and the 10th March 2017, Maria Laura Delle Monache, Giacomo Casadei, Nicolas Martin and Stéphane Mollier attended the 2017 INdAM Workshop on “Transport Modeling and Management: Vehicles and Crowds” in Rome, Italy. The first two days were devoted to lessons for PhD student on the subject of conservation laws. The three following days were organised in the form of a workshop, with invited and regular speakers. The aim of this conference is to gather researchers from different fields (mathematics, traffic engineering and physics) interested in transport modelling and control. The speakers presented different aspects of the subject from model analysis, numerical simulation, comparison with real experiment to control and planning of traffic infrastructure.

Announcement of the ERC Advanced Grant 2015 Scale-FreeBack

The ERC Advanced Grant 2015 “Scale-FreeBack” has been launched in September 2016. The ERC will last 5 years and it’s primary funding will be used for recruiting PhD students and post-docs, and to conduct proof-of-concept studies. The overall aim of Scale-FreeBack is to develop holistic scale-free control methods of controlling complex network systems in the widest sense, and to set the foundations for a new control theory dealing with complex physical networks with an arbitrary size.
For more information you can find the project announcement and a presentation of the Principal Investigator Carlos Canudas de Wit on:
the Gipsa-lab website
the Inria website
the CNRS website
the Grenoble Alpes University website.