Natalia LOPEZ visited our team

In the context of the ERC project Scale-FreeBack, we are exploring new applications domains where the technology of Scale-FreeBack could be used. One of these promising domaine is the is the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) which is a neurosurgical alternative for the Parkinson Disease, that diminishes the symptoms trough electrical pulses in the targeted nucleus in the brain. Subcortical nucleus (deep brain structures concerning to motor control, posture and stability) acts like a complex network, with nodes highly connected to other nodes in distributed nucleus along the basal ganglia and the motor cortex. So, Scale-free models can be used to describe normal and pathological conditions, due to partial or complete desynchronization of neural oscillations.

The visit of Prof. Natalia Lopez is motivated by her large experience in assessing the control signals the DBS and here unique skill in participating in such DBS knowledge. The aim during her visit is thus to explore and identify potential problems where the Sccale-FreeBack technology can be deployed. We also explore an interdisciplinary approach to an algorithm for a closed-loop DBS, focusing in a better understanding of the cortical and subcortical dynamics, under the Scale-Free network perspective. The invited researcher, Prof. Natalia Lopez, has an academic background in Control Systems, and neurosurgical experience in stereotaxic programming and DBS implants for PD patients.

This visit will be also coordinated with local researchers from the GIN, The Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences in view of a potential collaboration.

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