NECS-LICIT Seminar on Traffic Modeling

The ERC Scale-FreeBack team and other NeCs team members attended the NECS-LICIT seminar on traffic modeling organized the 23 November 2016 at IFSTTAR, Lyon. Carlos Canudas de Wit and Maria Laura Delle Monache and 4 members of the LICIT team gave talks. They discussed topics related to traffic flow modeling in 2D, which is a common trait to the two ERC projects of the teams: the Consolidated Grant MAGnUM held by Ludovic Leclercq from the LICIT team and the Scale-FreeBack Advanced Grant held by Carlos Canudas de Wit. This meeting took place following a first meeting of the two teams on the 3rd October 2016 at Inria, Montbonnot. The NeCs and LICIT team set the ground for possible future collaborations.

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