Nicolas Martin came back from Imura Laboratory at Tokyo University of Technology

Nicolas Martin visited Imura Laboratory (Tokyo Institute of Technology) for two months during summer 2018 in the frame of the ERC Scale-Freeback project. His work, specially with Pr. Imura and Pr. Ishizaki, aimed to adapt the network reduction method that they developed to our requirements. Firstly he found a theoretical estimation of the loss in the reduction method when the areas of the partition are required to be connected. Then he showed that by adding a term in the reduction method, it is possible to adjust the scale-freeness of the reduced network, and how it can be fruitful for the controllability.
This visit, held under the JSPS summer program, reinforced the collaboration with Imura Laboratory and we hope will be carried on in the future.
Nicolas Martin thanks sincerely professor Jun-Ichi Imura and his team for their warm welcome.

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