Participation to the workshop “Control Across Scales”, Cambridge, March 10-12

For the following workshop “Control Across Scales”, Carlos Canudas de Wit, Alain Kibangou, M. Umar B. Niazi and Denis Nitikin will participate.

The workshop will take place in Sidney Sussex College, in the heart of Cambridge.

The final list of speakers is as follows :

  • Bassam Bamieh (UCSB)
  • Raphaël Jungers (ULouvain)
  • Dennice Gayme (JHU)
  • Arjan van der Schaft (Groningen)
  • Christian Grussler (Cambridge)
  • Nikolai Matni (UPenn)
  • Giacomo Como (Politecnico Torino)
  • Roy Smith (ETH)
  • Richard Pates (Lund)
  • Rodolphe Sepulchre (Cambridge, Switchlets)
  • Anders Rantzer (Lund, ScalableControl)
  • Carlos Canudas de Wit (Grenoble, ScaleFreeBack)
Carlos Canudas de Wit

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