Stéphane Mollier, PhD student, presented a Poster during TRB19 at Washington, D.C.

Stéphane Mollier, one of our PhD student, was present during The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting helded January 13–17, 2019 at Washington, D.C., USA.

During the Poster Session on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (Part 1), Stéphane presented his poster on “A Step Toward a Multi-Directional 2D Model for Large-Scale Traffic Networks ” which consists on The modelling of a large scale traffic network as the one of a big city remains an open problem as models need to give a good approximation of traffic evolution without a complete and detailed knowledge. In particular, a challenging task is to be able to describe different flows coming from different directions with a correct representation of their interactions. In this article, we construct a two dimensional model with multiple layers of density to represent the different directions of traffic flow. We consider spatially dependent parameters and we suggest a method of estimation from the network geometry. However, we point out that this model is unlikely to be hyperbolic and we show some simulation results.

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