Workshop on “Analysis and Control of Large Scale Complex Networks” 10 -11 Sept 2018, Grenoble


The workshop, organized within the context of the ERC-AdG Scale-FreeBack project, aims to investigate problems of modelling, estimation and control of large-scale dynamical systems. Large-scale systems embed intrinsic issues in terms of computational complexity, which make their analysis and the definition of control architecture difficult.

Topic 1: Modeling and Model Aggregation
1) Carlos Canudas-de-Wit ERC Scale-FreeBack Goals & Objectives,
2) Nicolas Martin, Carlos Canudas-de-Wit, Paolo Frasca. ERC Scale-FreeBack: “Large-scale network reduction towards scale-free structure”
3) Jacquelien Scherpen (Groningen University), “Structure preserving order reduction of networked linear systems”
4) Ming Cao (Groningen University), “Modeling and control of evolutionary network dynamics”

Topic 2: Estimation & Observation
1) Didier Georges (Gipsa-Lab Grenoble INP), “Optimal sensor location for large-scale dynamical systems”
2) Francesco Viti (Luxembourg University), “Assessing partial observability in sensor location problems at large-scale networks”
3) Muhammad Niazi, Carlos Canudas-de-Wit, Alain Kibangou. ERC Scale-FreeBack: “Average State Estimation of Multiple clusters in Large-Scale Network Systems”.

Topic 3: Control Design
1) Anders Rantzer (Lund University), “When are optimal controllers scalable?”
2) Rodolphe Sepulchre (Cambridge University), “Ultrasensitivity and robust control across scales”
3) Giacomo Casadei, Carlos Canudas-de-Wit, Sandro Zampieri. ERC Scale-FreeBack: “Scale Free Controllability of Large-Scale Networks: an Output Controllability Approach”.
4) Demonstration/posters on Traffic Lab, modelling and estimation. Vadim Bertrand, Martin Rodriguez, Stephane Mollier
5) Claudio De Persis (Groningen University), “Semi-decentralized integral control for computing Nash equilibria in aggregative games or on optimal control of flow networks with constraints”
6) Murat Arcak (Berkeley Univerisity), “Network partitioning and aggregation for hierarchical control”

Scientific Committee: Carlos Canudas-de-Wit (CNRS), Sandro Zampieri (Univ. Padova, Italy), Benjamin Seibold (Univ. Temple, USA), Paolo Frasca (CNRS), Maria Laura Delle Monache (INRIA), Giacomo Casadei (CNRS)
Local organization: Lydie Leon (CNRS), Julie Perrin (CNRS), Myriam Etienne (INRIA)
Location: A small castle near Grenoble, Château la Commanderie

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Limited number of places !
Registration fees : 150€ for external and free for ERC/NECS members
For more information have a look at the flyer.

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