Vadim Bertrand attended the Cap Cities Congress 2016

Our research engineer Vadim Bertrand visited the Cap Cities Congress 2016 on Smart Cities organised by CapUrba on the 8th and 9th December 2016. The presentations in which he participated addressed issues such as data fusion and storage from various sources, communication between connected devices and network representation of those devices. Problems were discussed from a traffic management point of view, but also from other application fields such as smart lightning.

NECS-LICIT Seminar on Traffic Modeling

The ERC Scale-FreeBack team and other NeCs team members attended the NECS-LICIT seminar on traffic modeling organized the 23 November 2016 at IFSTTAR, Lyon. Carlos Canudas de Wit and Maria Laura Delle Monache and 4 members of the LICIT team gave talks. They discussed topics related to traffic flow modeling in 2D, which is a common trait to the two ERC projects of the teams: the Consolidated Grant MAGnUM held by Ludovic Leclercq from the LICIT team and the Scale-FreeBack Advanced Grant held by Carlos Canudas de Wit. This meeting took place following a first meeting of the two teams on the 3rd October 2016 at Inria, Montbonnot. The NeCs and LICIT team set the ground for possible future collaborations.

Stéphane Mollier attended the Seminar IXXI-LJK: Networks and Patterns

Our PhD student Stéphane Mollier attended the seminar Networks and Patterns organized by the Institute Rhône-Alpin des Systèmes Complexes (IXXI) and the Laboratory Jean Kuntzmann (LJK) the 18th of October 2016 at Grenoble. 3 fields of research, where large and complex networks are omnipresent, have been presented: biology, social interaction and urban transportation. He spent a very instructive day discovering more about modeling complex networks and dynamical systems.

Carlos Canudas de Wit at the Latin American Conference on Automatic Control 2016, Medellín, Columbia

Carlos Canudas de Wit visited the AEFIT and participated at the Clca Latin American Conference on Automatic Control 2016 the 13th-15th October in Medellín, Colombia. He gave a plenary lecture on “Optimal Traffic Control: Eco-driving, Green-waves, Adaptive traffic lights”. The conference was hosted by Prof. Olga Lucia Quintero Montoya. During his stay he had the chance to visit the Mobility Control Center and the Traffic Control Center of Medellín.