Job Offers


  • [PhD1-ERC.SFB] Evolutionary Scale-Free Models for Large Scale Complex Networks (Closed)
  • [PhD2-ERC.SFB] On-line partitioning algorithms for evolutionary scale-free Networks (Closed)
  • [PhD3-ERC.SFB] Aggregated Scale-Free Models for 2-D Large-scale Traffic Systems (Closed)
  • [PhD4-ERC.SFB] State-state estimation design and optimal sensor placement algorithms for large-scale evolutionary dynamical networks (Closed)
  • [PhD5-ERC.SFB] Traffic density, traveling time and vehicle emission estimation in large-scale traffic networks (Closed)
  • [PhD7-ERC.SFB] Resilient Control in Scale-Free Networks (Closed)
  • [PhD8-ERC.SFB] Traffic control in large-scale urban networks (Closed)

European Project Assistant:

  • [PA-ERC.SFB] European Project Assistant June 2018 (closed)


Software Engineer:

  • [Soft-Eng-ERC.SFB] Software Engineer position (Closed)

Master Internship:

How to apply: Please send a CV, a motivation letter in English and, if available, two letters of recommendation and/or work portfolio by e-mail to Please clearly indicate the corresponding tag of the position you are applying in the subject of your correspondence (i.e.[PhD1-ERC.SFB] for the PhD1 position, [Soft-Eng-ERC.SFB] for the Software Engineer position, and so on). It is expected that the motivation letter clarifies why you are applying for the job, what kind of special skills and benefits you would bring to the team and how your past experiences and/or education will support your work. Shortlisted candidates will be selected within the 3 weeks after recepetion of the application. They will be contacted and interviewed via Skype and/or by telephone. Final applicants may be invited to attend a face-to-face interview in Grenoble.

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