Date & Time: February 19 at 10am

These defence of MARTIN Nicolas

Subject of the thesis: Network partitioning algorithms with scale-free objectives

Doctoral School : EEATS

Localisation of the Thesis Defense: GIPSA-lab – room Mont-Blanc

Thesis directed by: CANUDAS-DE-WIT Carlos and FRASCA Paolo

Resume of the thesis:
In the light of the difficulty to deal with large-scale networks, it is interesting to reduce them while preserving the behavior and characteristics of the initial network. In this thesis, we focus on different problems of network partitioning and on the algorithms solving these problems. In particular, a specific type of networks, called Scale-free, inherits naturally some features very useful in some contexts. To take advantage of these features it seems interesting to make the reduced network scale-free. In addition to scale-freeness we also consider other network properties through the reduction in order to preserve the physical meaning and the dynamics of the system or to estimate the evolution of the network.

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